Agents are from Mars, Appraisers are from Venus

This course was created to provide a broad overview of the differences between agents and appraisers, and what they need to know about each other. The better we understand each other, the better we can serve our clients. You’ll learn and laugh at some of the common misconceptions throughout the industry. Although agents and appraisers work in the same industry, they often speak different languages. Take a look at each perspective and discover how we have more in common than you might think. At the end of the day, agents and appraisers depend on each other to survive, and this class will help you work more efficiently with each other. A class unlike any other, written by a veteran appraiser who was an agent for ten years first. Valuation is always partially based on opinion and opinions drive real estate pricing throughout our industry. The selection of “comparable sales” seems to be our biggest difference and we’ll examine more about this vital topic. Learn how agents view appraisers and see what appraisers say about agents. At the end of the day, this class will help agents and appraisers work better together.

Tennessee 2019-2020 Residential Core Course

This course is designed to provide a consistent means of calculating and communicating the living area of a house amongst real estate professionals. A broad review of basic techniques and procedures for measuring single-family residential dwellings, this course uses measurement and area computation methods specific to the N.C. Residential Square Footage Guidelines.